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Jogo Bonito International

We are in the process of further building our worldwide partnership distribution network and should you desire to represent us, we invite you to contact us and we would be pleased to discuss the opportunity further with you.

A Note To Our Partners - Existing And Potential
Subject: Our Thoughts on the Futbol & Tennis Maestro

Dear Friends,

There are significant opportunities for all our current and future distributors for these exciting, new, innovative and effective soccer & tennis training aids.

All our products are West Australian creations and are targeted for the world markets and supplied to suit Distributors needs.

The Futbol Maestro & Tennis Maestro are world first's and importantly they both deliver on what they promise to do!

Futbol Maestro:   When its two components, the special colour coded soccer ball and boot glove (that fits over most brand of boots) are used in tandem, the soccer ball reacts in specific and predetermined ways. This enhances ball control and skill.
Tennis Maestro: Is a unit that fits on the Tennis racquet strings which develops and improves a player's ability to perform a Topspin Forehand and Topspin Backhand Stroke. The Tennis Maestro will whistle when the correct stroke is performed.

At Jogo Bonito International we are a young, positively aggressive and dynamic company and it is our desire to identify and establish strong links with like minded partners so as to build a formidable quality network in order to bring a series of ultimate, inventive, effective and unique sports training aids to the marketplace and to make them readily available to the world.

We envisage tremendous opportunities for both products especially at the start of each football/soccer and tennis seasons plus the Xmas period. The Futbol Maestro will also be in demand in the years leading up to and including the 2014 World Cup. We want to maximize all these occasions.

There are various sales avenues for our product range and the following are just some suggestions:

  • Retail Sales - Because these innovative and ultimate training aids are so simple to use and graphically attractive they will have wide appeal to all and therefore it could be sold not only through specialist and general sports stores but also through general retail outlets like departmental stores.
  • Coaching Clinics & Clubs - These groups could be afforded a pricing benefit, so that their effort could also become revenue generating for them. The Clubs and Coaches will also benefit from simply supplying the products to their players.
  • Football & Tennis Associations - Individual countries are yet another prime revenue generating resource. They could personalize the ball with their identity, selling it either themselves or on a subsidized basis with other co-sponsors and promote it amongst their core of registered junior players.
  • Schools - Would present a tremendous opportunity. The product could either be given or sold on a subsidized level through co-sponsorship participation or purchased individually by the schools for use in Physical Education classes. The products are so easy for Teachers to use and instruct that they would be a great teaching resource.
  • Promotional Opportunities - Through Multi National Corporations who could adopt the product for use either as a corporate giveaway or perhaps tied into a contest and have it linked through prizes with the ultimate soccer event the 2014 World Cup. Individual Company Logos could be printed and carried on the ball, given timing allowances and done in consultation with us.

The opportunities are truly endless and we would be extremely pleased to discuss in detail these and other benefits with you as and when they arise.

We know the Futbol Maestro & Tennis Maestro products deliver and we are ecstatic that they are our own invention. We desire to work with you to make it succeed in your marketplace. We are confident that there exists a true need for it. We want to ensure that you, our distribution partners, together with us, mutually maximize all potential gains for both our organisations. We are looking forward to succeeding with you.

All good wishes
Anne Aquino

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