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Jogo Bonito International

The Birth of an Idea

The Inception

In the sport of football / soccer it was identified that young and beginner players found it hard to understand the technique (instruction & practical) of passing and ball control, in order to develop their skills. It seems that understanding the technique and performing it is a universal problem for many sports.

The Problem

Many Coaches find it difficult to put across the techniques of passing and ball control to young players and a team of players when training simultaneously. Many young players do not understand the instructions and it almost has to be done on a one to one basis. What also surfaced was, player's couldn't remember all the techniques they were taught, ranging from curled pass/shots (inside of foot) to curled pass/shots (outside of foot) to instep pass/shots to lofted pass/shots to control and dribbling techniques to describe just a few.

What was obviously needed was a device to assist coaches in their training sessions but also afford a solution to help the players train individually, in order, to develop and improve their technique.

The Opportunity

A West Australian based Physical Education Teacher and Soccer Coach then set about the task of creating an effective solution to overcome this problem. Extensive research was carried out with the objective to create a functional training device whose sole purpose would be to enhance ball skills. After this research an effective solution was found that is very simple and easy to use plus graphically appealing.

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