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Jogo Bonito International

Jogo Bonito International

Our company's philosophy is to identify needs that exist in the worlds sporting environment and then develop effective tools to solve and satisfy these needs and opportunities.

These unique and innovative training aids, cover a variety of sporting activities and are designed so they are easy to understand and simple to use.

They will effectively and dramatically enhance a participant's ability to improve their skill through either coaching and or self help. In addition, some training tools will make coaching and teaching sporting activities much easier.

Company Trustee Anne Aquino states that, "the main objective of the company is to bring to the world, innovative educational sports training aids and equipment, for a variety of sporting activities and sports professions. Our aids and equipment are developed so they are Easy to Use plus Develop and Improve a player's skill level!"

It is easy to see that the Futbol and Tennis Maestro meet our company philosophy and objectives.

The Futbol & Tennis Maestro are the first in a range of products that will make up the Maestro Sports Range. All our products will be available throughout the World!

Our company is currently developing the following products which will all be Innovative, Unique and Educational:

  • Futbol
    • Football   (Available)
    • Boot Glove   (Available)
  • Tennis
    • Whistle (Available)
    • Grip
  • Golf
    • Hitting Zone
    • Hitting Mat
    • Grip
  • Australian Rules Football
    • Football
    • Boot Glove
    • Ball Return
  • Rugby (League & Union)
    • Balls
    • Ball Return
  • Basketball
    • Basketball
  • Netball
    • Netball
  • Training Aids
    • Coaching Training Aids
    • Physical Education Training Aids
    • Sports Specific Training Aids

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